It was 10 degrees Outside.

First of all ... it was cold! It was really cold.!

Ok so it was 10 degrees Celsius,
(Americans, yes that's cold for us Southerners. about .. 50 degrees Farenheit?)
(Canadians, yes yes it's not cold at all .. go figure out how to lecture me about getting used to Canadian weather on Sabbath.)
Anyways , that's all beside the point, what isn't however, is the fact that mom tells me to go wash the car. Yes, in 10 degrees temperature! So, I did ... Got dressed, (looked like a lost inuit)
And went out to squirt some icicles onto the car.
When I got to drying the car there was this lady-bug on the roof. :) AWWW!
So I took it inside, because really, it was cold! And the poor 'wiwille laly-bug!!' was probably FREEZING!. Or maybe because I'm just cool like that. (:
So cheers my blog friends! Cheers && props to: Lady-bugs, (&& lady-bug rescuers), Canadian Autumn, && The simple things of life.


  1. que lindooo
    adoro os pequenos detalhes!
    gotei do seu blog


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