The Lego Phase.

If you've had a son, brother, cousin, or anyone else that fits into the 'male child' category, you probably remember this phase. This phase is simple, or occasionaly complex, blocks were put together into an object of imagination. Wild, ghastly shapes, shadows of things familiar to us that with a generous scoop of imagination relate common objects. Others far-fetched giving glimpses of what their imaginations hold. Yes, this is a good phase. Enjoy it while it's here. Cherish the memories while they last. Yep, even the memory of the pain resulting from stray lego pieces. Go back to the Lego Phase every once in a while. . .(:


  1. Excuse me! I've been thru this phase! Lol
    He is actually really talented! I wasn't ... Or maybe the LEGOs of my time didn't have as much cool component to facilitate my creativity!

  2. HaHa! I'm secretely still in this phase. But Shh! Don't tell haha.


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