Day One. A photo of Moi.

So day one is a photo of me. (That would be the photo on the Top Left!!! NOT the one on the Bottom Left just in case you were wondering.)
This photo was taken as we waited for our next flight to Vancouver. We had spent the night traveling from the Guarulhos airport in Sao Paulo to the Dallas airport, and we were now waiting to catch the last flight to Vancouver. We were exhausted, and really tired of sitting down, so Victor and I decided to leave mommy taking care of the bags, and walk around. (Dad was on his way to B.C. from Portugal.) So we walked around until we found this candy shop. (: We gazed around until Victor found this lollipop, with a scorpion in it!!
Reminded me of all the times daddy would kill scorpions that wandered inside the house when we lived in Terrell, Texas. So he bought it, (even after I futilely discouraged it.) (Hence the picture on the bottom left.)
Thankfully though, he is quite satisfied with leaving the lollipop and it's contents for decoration, and not for consuming. (Do people actually eat scorpions?!?! Hey, I doubt nothing, I've met people that have eaten cockroaches.. . so nothing surprises me anymore in that department.)
That completes day one of our challenge (:
Wishin' you a great week!


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