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Day Thirty: A Photo I Find Beautiful

Peek-A-Brew: Props for Creativity

Day Twenty-Nine: A Photo of My Favorite Person from History

Day Twenty-Eight: A Photo of Something(s) That Make My Day

Day Twenty-Seven: A Photo of Something I Am Looking Forward To

Day Twenty-Six: A Photo of My Favorite Subject in School

Day Twenty Five: A Photo That Inspires Me

Day Twenty-Four: A Photo of Something I Want to be When I Grow Up

According to my Mother:

Loothe Doothe 2

Day Twenty-three: A Photo of Something I Want To Do Someday

Day Twenty-Two: A Photo That I Associate a Good Memory With


Loothe Dooth

Day Twenty-One: A Photo of Somebody I Find Attractive

Day Twenty: A Photo of Something I Ate Today

by Herbert Butterfield

Day Nineteen: A Photo of My Favorite Thing From School:

Day Eighteen: A Photo of My Town:

Apple + π

Soap Making @ the Library

ScrapBooking Recipes


Day Seventeen: A Photo From A Trip I'll Never Forget

Day Sixteen: A Photo From My Childhood

Day Fifteen: A Photo of Me && a Family Member

Day Fourteen: A Photo of My Best Friend(s)

Day Thirteen: A Photo of ONE of My Favorite Movies


Almost let it slip. :0

Day Twelve: A Photo of When I Was Happy

Day Eleven: A Photo of a Night I Loved

Day Ten: Any Photo I Like For Any Reason:

Day Nine: A Photo of Me When I Was a Baby

Day Eight: A Photo of Something I Enjoy Doing