Day Eleven: A Photo of a Night I Loved

So, in case you haven't noticed, I have a little problem on picking pictures to post, and this one was a horrible challenge! There have been so many memorable nights with so many different friends and people and family! (not that family aren't friends or friends aren't people but.. you get the idea....) Top picture is from my birthday in 2009 (: I LOVE those ballooons!!! Pocos de Caldas 2009, I'm so glad you happened.
Bottom pictures are extracts from the same night. It was this Christmas at granddad's house. We had so much of the medicine "laughing" that night, that it was for sure quite unhealthy! Aunt Luci shows that in the first picture, and I couldn't resist not posting Gui's disgusted face. Thus, you have two pictures of Christmas in Brazil, 2010. I miss these nights, and can't wait for future repeats! :D ~*


  1. ohh i like your blog
    and i like projects like this
    a photo everyday.
    passei pra deixar um oi

  2. Thanks Joice! You've been the only one so far :D


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