Day Nineteen: A Photo of My Favorite Thing From School:

My favorite "thing" from school, is the products of my education. Life without school, might sound like heaven to some people, but to those to whom this is a reality, it is quite horrid!

And since I already bragged about my pie here, {and the cupcakes I just attempted would make any Home Ec teacher cringe}, I will use as an e.g. Victor's origami Frog Fleet. In his art class he learned how to make origami frogs. One of them's named Mr.Cl. Frog. Mrs. Cl. Frog., Silly Eyed, Giant Joe, Roller and more.
If or not you want a paper frog plague at home is quite up to you. But education is far more important than I could ever emphasize. You're reading this, because you were educated. You can write a comment, because of education, and everything you do, is linked one way or another, to education.
Be grateful for it! Don't take it for granted.
And now that you've been OH-so-INSPIRED! let's go do our homework.


  1. hahaha yes we know u love school...i like school just not the stuff they cram down ur throat that there is no perpose in learning (algabra!!!) lol

  2. Thanks for sharing the importance of education:)

  3. Thanks for commenting Toyin!


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