Day Eight: A Photo of Something I Enjoy Doing

Book. (Rather Reading.) E.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.! (Ok, perhaps not college or GED text books.) But I have read a dictionary, a marriage counseling book, fiction, non-fiction, Uriah Smith, and billboards, nutrition labels, and those annoying tags that for some reason they stick on the side of your shirt instead of the back. (Go figure.)

And then photography (: I like it, it's one of my hobbies.. .sure it's a way to express yourself, your point of view

and all that stuff, but also it's fun! I get to experiment and I get to push myself to get better results. ('' And then of course there's the fun part of editing!!

What do you enjoy doing?


  1. I FREAKING LOVE TO READ!!! and i actualy have a college txt book siting in my book shelf that is positivly abasulatly AWESOME!!! =D


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