Day Twelve: A Photo of When I Was Happy

During my childhood. I was happy.

This particular extraction from the past, was taken during one of the many conferences mommy and I accompanied daddy on, (yeah, he's been traveling around since before I was born.. .). In this  picture, Miller and I were up to something, what I don't remember, but with a girl that was quite the brat, and a boy who managed to break his arm, I suspect it wasn't anything quite "saintly."

Apparently I wasn't exactly angelic as a child (pshh, from what I remember I was the Mother Theresa during childhood, which of course only improved with age.) But according to my mother, it was quite the contrary.

I still miss my mickey mouse dress. About the only dress I could stand to be in!
Brazil 1998, thou wast wondergful! (the g was not a typo. but rather to enhance the word ;p)


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