Day Twenty-three: A Photo of Something I Want To Do Someday

I make lists. Of everything! Of things I need to buy, of things I need to do on Fridays, of posts I need to write, of things I've procrastinated for to long, of things I need to pack..
  So it would only stand to reason, that I'd make a list of things I want to do someday (: And that list, is in this unobrtusive envelope. (Envelope, please don't say onvelope. If it were meant to be said onvelope it would be spelt onvelope.  As you can see, it's not.)

Some people make lists of the good things they want to do for other people, and all of that, because they know that when death is lurking around no material things matter.
But to me, the experiences matter.
So things I want to do, consist of MANY things, (learn to dance, take a dare-dare, etc.)
I wonder, what do you want to do?
P.S.Is it freaky that Jane Austen is peering from behind the Envelope?


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