.Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down

"...I found $20 in my skirt pocket today (The beauty of finding clothes in the bottom of the suitcase you've been living from for the past 6mo.), then went to a orthodontist consultation. The orthodontist wants $11,000 to fix my teeth. Must make another consultation, his receptionist must have said I wanted gold teeth not braces. And let the week begin!"
As soon as I posted this on facebook, FB changed its suggestions on the suggestion bar and suggested I 'like' the page: Orthodontics.
Ai ai ai. Never thought so much money would be spent on crooked teeth.
Today's thumbs up and down go to:

Thumbs Down:
  • Extremely expensive orthodontic treatments && crooked teeth. In Brazil for a top orthodontic treatment it's about $1,400 Reals...and that's because orthodontics in Brazil are just as updated (if not more so) than North American treatments!
  • Not being able to smell or taste food!!! (My allergies && colds have kicked in with full force and the meds allow me to breathe, but take my smell and taste buds away :( Hopefully they'll come back soon!
  • Summer not being here.

Thumbs Up:
  • Finding money in my pocket on the same day as Andrew Yates did. (The same amount too.)
  • Philippians 4:13
  • Human genetics Pretty awesome actually, I think this has been my favorite Biology chapter so far!
  • Thinking Positive! (Like, thinking summer will eventually get here...the Stanley cup will be Canadian...)
  • To cooperative people that keep sending me their devotional contributions! Thanks guys!
As always, the good outweigh the bad! So SMILE y'all!
God bless!


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