Punctuality + Weather

Daddy likes to be punctual. To everything. Actually he likes to be early. To everything. Doctor appointments, meetings, flights (we always leave the house about 3-4 hours before our flight time, and time and time again it's proven to be very less stressful to leave with plenty of time) and you get the idea.
Changing gears, let's talk about the weather.
Abbotsford's weather is somewhat special. I am quite convinced that in this part of the country it isn't Mr.Weather, it's Mrs.Weather because seriously! talk. about. mood. changes!
It rains, then shines, then snows. in. April! and then it shines again. But of course then it clouds all over again and the rain pounds down on you as if in penalizing you for enjoying the sun. Ai. Ai. Ai.
Until Tuesday.
Promptly on the first day of summer, Abbotsford's sun came out. And ohh was he beautiful!
Sunny, my dear, do come out more! You wear your yellow halo well you know!
Daddy likes Abbotsford's summer. Because he's punctual.


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