Probably the best city in the world.

What is probably the best city in the world? I had my guesses, but last month, I was told. in writing. in big green letters. that Brasov is probably the best city in the world. (We spent a whole Monday walking around in Brasov and Bran seeing old forts and ancient castles and what sticks to my mind is an outdoor restaurant umbrella's stenciled sentence. Oh well.) Anyways, most of the castle pictures we took, are exactly the same. exact. pictures that every tourist that goes to Dracula's castle takes, but I will be posting some of them in a later post. However, we also visited a fort in Rasnov which is what I'll be posting about today:
Romanian Beetle. :P in Porumbaco..

Brought me giggles

Flags on the tractor + cart that took us up to the fort + ticket.

The fort, on a hill of course.

An old photo I found from one of my teleportation trips.
WWII reinactors
With Victor!

Ticket for the fort, and a bullet from the reinacting, that Victor found.
The view from the top hill of the fort.

Victor being silly with the canon trash can...
From here we headed to Bran to visit Dracula's castle but, a post on that later on... 


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