October Month Of.

HAPPY OCTOBER! For all of you thinking October is just month of witches and Halloween, think again!
This month also happens to be, Vegetarian Awareness Day! NAVS  is even setting up a contest to encourage all non-vegetarians to go meat-free this month, even for just a day, with the possibility of winning $1,000!
Speaking of food and vegetarianism, we'll be celebrating with a vegetarian Thanksgiving meal! Anyone else planning on making something special for Thanksgiving?! I hope so! All you Canadians, get ready! Thanksgiving is this Sunday!!! For vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes click here.  Yum, these recipes make my mouth water and make me want to go shopping for ingredients! I hope you all have ideas for Thanksgiving already, but I plan on posting ours, hopefully sooner, rather than late-r.
Happy Wednesday- Thursday everyone!

Last year, Toronto, Fall Colors.


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