Happy Birthday Larissa.

In the year 1994 my husband and I were awaiting the arrival of our first baby that according to the doctor would be born around the tenth of December. Because we were about to move we did not buy any baby supplies that way we wouldn't have to move so much stuff. We were hoping to have enough time to purchase everything after our move. 
It was November 22 already, and after a busy day I couldn't wait 'til bedtime for I was feeling very tired. But instead, we had to run to the hospital and at 0:42 of the 23 of November our little girl was born. We were still unsure of the name ; when the nurse brought the baby to me she asked, "What is her name?" At that moment we decided her name would be Larissa. 
Since then Larissa has been our joy, our companion in this journey of life. Ten days after her birth we moved from Mogi das Cruzes to Sao Paulo, and we have continued moving, and that's because her papa is a preacher. 
Today is Larissa's birthday, and we wish that she will trust in the Lord every day for we know He has many blessings in store for her. 
Happy Birthday Larissa, we wish you much happiness for you deserve it! 

With Love, 
          Mom and Dad




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