Traditional Paper Snowflakes - A Tutorial.

Maybe you're awesome, and have never forget things from your childhood. Or maybe you were just blessed with the elephant memory. I'm not one of those. Kindergarten wasn't thaaaat long ago, and still, this year when I decided to make the paper snowflakes I learned to make in Kindergarten...I couldn't remember. So just in case you don't remember how to make these either, here's how.

What thou needest:
Circular lids of various sizes
Sheets of normal printing paper
Optional - Glitter, String, Blue paper, Glue, Scissors with special designs (craft scissors? paper edges? I don't know what they're called)

 Have fun, and Happy Monday! ~*


  1. Thanks for this tutorial!!! I remember making these as a child but totally forgot how to!!! So excited to give them a try tomorrow!!!!


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