Well Meaning Signs.

I know I shouldn't. I can feel their glares burning holes through my sweater. They give me dirty looks, and I scamper to put the lollipop or bag of Sour Patch Kids back into my bag. Apparently only water or energy drinks are allowed at the gym. I supposed it be a "understood" law that is reinforced by stink eyes. Unfortunately this week, my theory has been undone. It is now being enforced, the no food law has come! Oh sure it is very specific as to which foods, but this is how it starts.

(: Happy Tuesday everyone ... you should head out to the gym today.. (and of course, just a warning, leave the Skittles at home).


  1. haha that's cute!

    I always bring some food with me to the gym too. Just in case I need a little boost after the workout. :)

  2. Yep, but I've learned to now keep it in my bag...until it's safe.


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