Colombia II.

During his previous trip, last year, to Colombia, Daddy was invited to return there this year in order to perform a baptism.

There had been a youth convention there, Daddy preached, he appealed to the young people to give their hearts to Christ, and many of them came forward. For the next few months, they received Bible studies in preparation for baptism. This month, as promised, Daddy returned to Colombia in order to perform said baptism.

Other than the testimonies, experiences, and touching stories he brings back with him, Daddy also brings back photos and the occasional souvenir. [Daddy sorta, kinda, um, doesn't take photos, so for me to be happy and to satisfy my curiosity and photo craving, he ends up asking for photos from attendees who did take photos.]

This time he again brought the 'Bocadillos' that we had enjoyed so much last time, and a friend of ours, Andrew, who is an amateur photographer, was also at the youth convention and was awesome enough to send photos for us to see.

One of the things that strike me about most places Daddy visits, is the children. They're each such cute little blessings with their smiles and bright eyes. I'm glad Andrew captured them so I could share a few photos of them with you.


I suppose that why they call it a camp meeting.

Church music.

During the youth convention, another special event took place, the graduating ceremony of the girl's missionary school. The men in the back will be beginning their missionary training this year.

Choir Practice


Thanks so much for the photos, Andrew.
I hope you all enjoy as much as I did, this little glimpse into a youth convention a few countries away.

Blessings, ~*


  1. Lovely photos! I enjoy people watching, and these photos capture their spirit so well:) The way you speak of children...I think you will be a great Mom someday!

    1. I love people watching too!

      Oh, well..I hope so. (: Considering I have a pinterest board filling up with crafts, bedroom ideas, baby food, and other kid related things, I suppose I can say I have plans to be one. the future.

  2. What gorgeous photos. How great to have this little glimpse into another world.

  3. I love these photos--the colors are so vibrant and rich and the kids are beautiful.

    1. They're adorable. I love their smiles.

  4. Gorgeous pictures! I haven't had bocadillos in ages...makes my mouth water thinking about them!!

    1. Aww, here, I'll send you some by e-mail! They're good!

  5. Those are some amazing pictures for an amateur!


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