The Sillies.

Every newspaper contains "The Funnies"on certain days of the week. I decided Papa is a Preacher needs "The Sillies."

Honestly our family seems to not grasp the concept of doing things in a normal way, nor do we understand that growing up means letting go of silliness. [Whoever came up with that anyway? We're boycotting it!]

Victor is the silliest in the house. No really. Why are you looking at me like that? Honestly ....


He got bored with his seating arrangement during school the other day, so he fixed it. Mother turns her back for five seconds, and when she turn back around, she finds this.

I told you. No consideration for how things are rightly done!

He's a cheeky kid all right, and I love him for it.



  1. That's cute! And maybe more cushy since it hasn't been sat on that way.

  2. Love it! I agree- he wouldn't have to content with the impressions already worn into the fabric by other peoples' backsides, that way. I think Victor might be onto something!

    1. Hey! That's worthy of a blog post!

  3. You gotta give it to him. That LOOKS really fun and comfortable!! :-)

  4. That's so adorable. I remember doing stuff like that. Well, maybe not exactly like that. :)

  5. I missed lots of good stuff! So funny - love having fun with everyday life : )


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