Humor Me Friday.

Today's videos involve Chemistry,Toddlers and cupcakes. Ready?

This is one of Victor's favorite Chemistry videos. Obviously he was jumping up and down ready to go buy a helium tank, and a tank of "that other stuff that's cool and makes you sound like you have a really deep voice."

Purdy cool huh?

This one is one of my favorites. I discovered CoCo Bean not too long ago, so bear with me because I'm excited about my new find. CoCo Bean and his dad EzE make video sketches together. CoCo Bean is just about the cutest five year old ever, is cooler than most everyone you know, (although his baby sister is rivaling him for that status), and always puts a smile on my face. Every week there is a new sketch, and every once in a while they share minute long snippets of their lives, like the one below. 

Skip to 0:18 thats when CoCo Bean appears. 

That last shot, of the kid playing "Want it? Want it? Too bad it's mine" with the cupcake and the older kid, made me cry and still makes me smile ridiculously. 
Go check them out and subscribe if you have a youtube channel because they're pretty awesome. And don't forget to check out the videos with CoCo Bean's little sister Berry. She's too cute!

Happy Friday y'all!



  1. Thanks for the entertainment today!!!

  2. Too funny!! What cute little kids. Awh. I always laugh when I hear helium voices. I had not heard the deeper one. Omg!

    1. Haha I loved the deeper one too! Thought it was funny.

  3. Funny, and I learned something! Yeah!!

    1. That combo is always a win! :D Glad you liked!


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