Humor Me Friday.

So, yesterday wasn't exactly my day..

But it'd be totally lame-o to get into how I dropped my strawberry jelly sandwich on my bed getting jelly all over my sheets, clothes, Rex (my 16 year old stuffed puppy) resulting in another laundry load, or how history wasn't too nice to my GPA, etc. etc. but I will  get into how much all of your sincere comments on And The Wind Blew Her Hair lifted my spirits up. Thank you.

As everyone knows, five more days 'till Leap Blog Day!

Which means.. on the 29th you'll be in for a special treat brought to you by none less than Papa is a Preacher's first guest blogger ..

.. you'll see.

I can't wait to read all the goodness on all of your blogs and get rid of all the suspense y'all have been mounding up.
Friday's weekly video is brought to you by RandomWinVideos:

Close Calls, Wins, and Cuteness in 2011

Happy Friday y'all ... 


  1. I am excited for my guest blogger too! You have free reign. You can email me at


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