Object Silliness for Humor Me Friday.

The truth is it's become second nature. I'm not looking for them anymore. They just, show up. 

Last week, while on the road, I kept seeing them on the sides of houses. The windows were arranged specifically to form smiles, faces, etc.

Like this one..

The library had plenty to contribute...

A lopsided toothy grin.


And there he is again.


On our way out, Victor spotted him ^


And when we got to the church, on the piano... there was another grinner. 


We went for a walk, ended up at the outdoor portion of a museum, and there was the smiley.


In the same museum, behind the fence, was an onlooker...


At the small town consignment shop...there was a clock face.


And in the church cafeteria.. the doorknobs and trash grinned.

Keep smiling. Keep searching for the happy. And speaking of happy, Happy Friday Y'all!


  1. They are great! My fav is the clocks! Oh and the outdoor museum one!


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