TidBits of March.

I'm excited about two more posts coming up. In fact I'm doing the I've-got-blog-posts-in-the-making happy dance, right now. But here are a few tidbits from my twitter, Facebook, and around...from March:

I follow a bunch of athletes on Twitter. Then I just sit here exercising vicariously. (:

Put cookies to cool outside. And then came a masked- I'm assuming- thief. 

Mother asked me to make Victor a sandwich. 
I did. According to him, "It tastes like charcoal! But delicious! Crunchy! It takes like it was baked!"
I'm taking it as a compliment

He was rattling off facts again, while I was studying for a Chem test.
"Larissa do you want another fact?" 
*sigh* "No. Not right now!" 
"Well I don't care, did you know that Colombia prints more stamps than any other country?"
I grow wiser daily.

The amount of energy necessary to break up a nucleus into its component nucleons is called binding energy. Ironic Maybe?

Luck be a Gentleman! (To paraphrase #Sinatra)

“I admire anybody who has the guts to write anything at all.” - E.B. White

I check out the children books we don't finish.#BigReadingBuddyConfession #1
I buy enough treats so that there are some leftover for me.#BigReadingBuddyConfession #2

It has yet to be confirmed, but I'm pretty sure my first word..was food.

Surround yourself with people you want to be like. Find out what makes them tick. Implement.

Bianca Juarez  @BiancaOlthof
My strategy for Words With Friends: play a bunch of fancy sounding words until I make up a real one

Everything stinks till it’s finished. DR. SEUSS

And last but not least, something I have always believed in but had never been able to capture into words or explain,

"Without a destination, you’re left to wander. And while wandering may teach you things, expose you to new experiences, even shape who you are, it’s unlikely to bring you the sense of satisfaction that you so crave. You never feel the accomplishment of reaching the destination on your journey." -Scoutie Girl

Hope y'all are having a great week so far. If not, cheer up, tomorrow's Wednesday already!


  1. Hey! That's the way I exercise too! Have a wonderful day, Larissa :)

    1. It's an awesome way to exercise. If not the only way!

  2. ME too! What a coincidence:) Love these little snippets of your life. Victor seems like such a cheerful, care-free fellow. I'll bet lots of people want to surround themselves by you two, find out what makes you gusy tick, and implement.

    1. Aw thanks Caroline! I hope so. And he is .. most of the time.

  3. My son's first word was cheese....I should have known then he would break out the his cooking skills when the hunger mood strikes!


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