Almost every blog I've read has done a "How did you get here" post. I've managed to hoard a couple intriguing search results that have led to Papa is a Preacher, and finally gathered enough for a post of sorts.

  • Good future with paper boat - [I suppose if you're an ant in Alice's tear pool you might have a good future with a paper boat?]

  • Should preachers be hoarders? - [Well now, let's not get too controversial shall we!]

  • family pics - [These searches always creep me out.]

  • rain boots for short people - [I don't even .. what?]

  • pretend i don't see you - [Ok, but shhhh!]

  • la chilindrina - [Apparently that's another (just as different) name for Chiquinha mentioned in this post.]

  • Doc Marten sandals comeback - [Oh dear heavens, I hope not.]

  • كه ره بابى شامى - [I have no idea what that really means, but according to google translate it means, "Bobby, who intercepted a dinner." Rude Bobby. Very rude!

  • Papa is a Preacher - Book Cover - [Glimpse into the future? Am I really destined to become "one of those blogs turned book" authors? I'm not sure I'd be complaining.]

  • My baby bedding shop - [Please reword that. . it sounds kind of... not good.]

  • Preacher Lego - [I wonder if they make those..they have them for almost all professions, I wouldn't be surprised.]

Any out of the ordinary searches on your blog lately?


  1. The book cover search must be a sign... ;-)

  2. Tag! You're it!

  3. Very interesting searches!!!

    1. Haha .. something like that..

  4. Preacher Lego! Mine don't seem to be quite as interesting as others...

    1. Oh Ann.. Mine don't either, but I can pretend. :)

  5. Those are awesome. I had one that was so disturbing I felt like I should call the authorities a few months ago. It was "cannibalism cooking kids", which picked up on my "book cannibal" post along with my "cooking with kids" post. Very, very creepy.


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