Object Silliness.

 You guuuysss! (Sorry .. I've always wanted to write that. I actually hate reading it, because it sounds whiny, but I wanted to write it once to see what it felt like...) Anyways.. that was that, now onto Object Sillies!

The heater .. yeah.. it's creeping me out too, especially the red mouth...

During reading buddy the other week, we were reading a book about seagulls and their "human parents" .. all I noticed was that the grass looked miserable...I don't think they enjoy being stepped on very much.

Here's one you have in your home .. beware! They're staring at you! Speaking of staring at you, does anybody else get creeped out by dolls, stuffed animals or photographs on their dressers or walls? I don't really like having them in my room; they kind of creep me out. Especially because it doesn't matter what angle you stand, their eyes always! follow you.

This one is my absolute favorite. It's on the oven door ... and I think it's quite overenthusiastic about my cooking endeavors.. still, it's nice to see such excitement!

Can you see it? Rudolph?

For now, those are the only ones I've been able to capture. (: 

Stay Silly, and Happy Monday!

Incidentally, here are a couple more things I've always wanted to say: 

"What's up with that?!" 

"I ain't down with that."

"I'm down with that." 



"I've been expecting you."

"What's up, Doc?" 

"Oh, sure! Of course I'll sign my book for you, what would you like it to say?"

What's something you've always wanted to say?


  1. I tend to just come out and say what I want to, some times in not so inappropriate places. Although 'I've been expecting you' would be very cool, I'm going to have to try and fit that one into conversation sometime!!

    Given all those pictures you would love my new car, I think the front kind of makes it look like a French Inspector, I will try and post an image at some point! Now I just have to name him!!

    Always silly, especially on Mondays :-)

    1. hahah! Monsieur Poirot? Or Monsieur Clusoeu?

  2. The object silliness? I'm down with that, fshizzle. I've been expecting you to make this a regular treat here on PIAP. (Okay, I haven't been expecting it, but I had to work another in somehow.)

    This is great!

    1. hahah! Yeah, it's a recurring post .. (: Thanks!

  3. LOL, I also see things like that! And especially on cars, from the front.

  4. Fun post! I love how you see faces in these objects..Great imagination!!

    1. Thanks Winnie, imagination is abundant here.. (:

  5. I adore these posts, LT. And I also like imagining someone as well "spoken" as you speaking in funny slang or colloquialisms. :)

    1. Oh Tiffanie, you make me blush. (:


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