Brazil III - Pirapózinho 2.

In yesterday's post, I described this town in words. 
Today I want to show you a couple of photos of our way there .. 

In Brazil, the highways leading from metropolises to the suburbs are well served when it comes to gas stations. Roadside gas stations there are quite different from roadside gas stations here. There gas stations are usually accompanied by a restaurant or two and stores with local merchandise. 

Lots of wood work... 


This is my "Oh look it's time to wake up - I was sleeping in the car" face...

We're moving into cow country, so leather everything is abundant.

But mom! It's just a lollipop! It won't interfere with supper..

Local pottery ..

And outside, a photo with the Sheriff.

Real childhoods.. improvisations and imaginations..

Wood stove...

Homemade "pamonhas". Pamonha is corn blended with seasoning (for the salty ones) or sweetening (for the sweet ones (duuuh)) and then poured into corn husks. They they're cooked for a couple of hours...

And the result is absolutely delicious...

The ones we go to see. Daddy's parents.

Gas station stops on the way back .. a little chapel.. 

A gorilla...

There was a real plane at this gas station.. it's a retired one and small. But it was really cool to go inside and check it all out...

The cockpit ..

She's cute and she knows it..

A silly trash can...

Random smiley on the ground..

... until next time ... 


  1. TAKE ME WITH YOU NEXT TIME!!! Singed Crystal the person you left in GA lol

    1. ... Alrighty. I'll take you. But first I'm coming over to your house in Georgia.

  2. Que lindas fotos ... vê-se que gostaste bastante !! :D

    1. Obrigada, Gabriela! Sim, gostei muito mesmo!

  3. Thanks for the pictorial tour! The pamonhas look like the tamales that I grew up eating while living in Colombia...makes me hungry!

    1. Yes! They're quite similar to tamales! :)

  4. Welcome home! Thanks for sharing your trip with us! It looks like it was a great time. I was thinking the pamonhas were tamales too. Sure looked yummy... Great picture of your grandparents.

  5. Stunning photos! The moth is my favorite; so colorfully diverse. I'd love the recipe for the seasoned corn. Looks delicious!

    1. It was absolutely scrumptious. Thanks Molly Jo.

  6. So fun seeing all these photos! I really especially love all the statues including the trash can : )

    Oh and the pottery and the pamonhas - sounds yum!

  7. I love the photos of you, and the ones of your mother! It's so interesting, when I think of Brazil I only think of exotic places, but here you show things that seem very familiar....gas stations and roadside attractions and gift shops. Universal things you don't really expect to see in other places, but they are out there!

    That stove is amazing, by the way. Want one just like it!

    1. Thanks Tiff. (: It's just another gorgeous country. (:

  8. Such gorgeous photos as always, Larissa! And I loved the little video clip too. The woodstove reminded me of one my husband's grandparents had (and used).


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