Object Silliness.

And Object Silliness is back!

I think one of the best parts of this Object Silliness ... silliness, is the fact it's contagious. A couple of you have begun to let faces catch your eye .. most recently, Masked Mom posted her second Object Silliness photo. I think this is awesome. 

A car door...

A very blurry door handle as a big ol' nose.

Paper stuck on the ground...

Rocks, bark, smile..

Not all big noses are sexy...

Someone's shoe on a train. Yes, I admit to being a creep and trying to take a picture of a woman's feet without being too obvious ... 

Front of a volkswagen...

Not exactly a face... but a birdie on grandma's wooden ceiling...

Smiling door lock...

Dispenser in the change rooms at the pool...

Hand dryer in the change room at the pool..

Do you have any object silliness photos? Would you like them to appear on Object Silliness posts? 
Just e-mail them to me at: thegirlwrites@hotmail.com


  1. So fun! I love them. The little bird on your grandma's ceiling was awesome!

  2. So cool! I'll be on the lookout for faces now. :OD

  3. Cool! The front of cars are most definitely faces : )

    1. Yes! Those are the ones I most often find...

  4. Fabulous...utter smiliness.

    My favourite has to be the really smiley white one roughly around the middle...what is it?

    1. I'm not sure I remember all that well Sleepy Joe!

  5. I'm starting to feel like the whole world is smiling at me now. Thanks! (:

  6. I love this. I find faced in tree trunks all the time!

  7. I really enjoy these posts, LT. They are so "you". I will never see an unintentional smile from an inanimate object again without thinking of you. :)


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