Go Away Sandy!

 Being a TV free home, we don't deal with the constant tragedy seen on the news channel every night. We stay informed with the good ol' fashioned newspaper, as well as online news websites. I've been following up on Hurricane Sandy's temper tantrum on the NY Times and I'm fidgeting again. See, sometimes I feel quite small. I'm a student, a girl on the other coast, and I'm not exactly influential, or rich, or powerful, or anything. But I do have this blog. It's small, and I don't pretend I can help even a third of those affected by Hurricane Sandy. However, I'm going to do my part and I invite you to do the same.

 For every ad purchased, 100% of the proceeds will go to those affected by Hurricane Sandy. Daddy will personally see that our Welfare Department gets the proceeds and all will go to helping those affected by Sandy.

So here are the ways we can help:

The Big Helper Ad!
A 200x220 ad on the top of our left side bar. Runs for 30 days! You'll be making the front page for a whole month! Shout outs via Twitter and Facebook!

The Big Helper Ad
The I Can Help Ad!  A 125x125 ad on our left side bar. Runs for 30 days! Shout outs via Twitter and Facebook.

The I Can Help Ad
If have, or haven't, bought a space, please spread the word and help me help those who need us.


  1. Larissa, you are awesome. So is your family.

  2. What a great idea!



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