An Open Letter to My Chemistry Exam.

My Darling Chemistry Exam,

I understand you, completely, everyone has one of those days when they simply don't want to exist, don't want to show their face, don't want to appear. Darling, I know, I've been there! So believe me when I say, it's ok! You don't have to exist! You don't have to ever ever ever come around! You can stay in the future somewhere and never happen!

No really, I promise, I can take it. My GPA will have to live through it as well! Really sweety, you can simply forget about the set date in which you are destined to put a ugly, horrendous, plummet in my grades.

Oh, I know we've done well on our previous encounters, but I'm sort of, kind of, dreading this one. I didn't study you see, nor did I pay attention in class. I'm sorry, I've forgotten the little details that make you you, and the answers to all your quirks. And I can't cheat on you. It's wrong, and I'm not that type of girl. I want to know I did it on my own.

So please, if you could give me more time at least, just stall for a know. Or maybe, just maybe, you could vanish and run away to Vegas, I know you've always wanted that! And you can stay there! Because you know .. what happens in Vegas..stays in Vegas? Go on, be off with you! I won't miss you too too much! You could always write me. Write me a few of your periodic table jokes! I like those. Those are nice, I don't have to study much for those...



  1. I bet my daughter would be making a similar letter to her chem exam!You write so well, sweetie.

  2. This is hilarious--but I remember my dread of chemistry a little too clearly so it also makes me wince a little.

    1. *overdramatic sigh* Me too ... me too...

  3. Crazy as it sounds, chemistry and I always got along. Math was the problem ... I would be sending this letter to Math instead!

    1. Oh I send it to both! I stink at both! Ick.


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