And Another.

Last week, Anne from Is Anyone There was super sweet and awarded Papa is a Preacher an award.
This one is called "The Addictive Blogger Award."

See? It's like .. legit.
The rules for this one are quite simple. In short I have to tell you a bit of why I began blogging .. and then pass the award along to five other bloggers. Well, I don't really like to be redundant, so I shall simply direct you to a post where I disclose the story of how Papa is a Preacher came to be ... 
Here it is! Click Here for Awesomeness. 

Now I shall pass on this award to five fellow bloggers.
  1. Emma-lee at In Real Life, a fellow homeschooler and blogger from Canada!
  2. Fabrizia at FabTwigs, in love with her bedroom makeover post.
  3. Amber at Just Ordinary, welcome to the blogging world. :)
  4. Bethany at The Erratic Muse, because yes!
  5. And you! Because it's not fair that some stories don't get told. I want to know why you started blogging. So if you haven't already been awarded this ... award. Or if you haven't already blogged about why you began blogging, please feel free to take this award and link up in the comments. I'd love to know. :)

Thanks for the chance to play Anne! 


  1. You are so sweet! Thanks for the award!

  2. This is literally the sweetest thing. Thank you so much! I will do a proper thank you tomorrow! This means a lot to me! :)

  3. Congrats! A very fitting honor for you indeed!

  4. Lovely Larissa, I tweeted a link to my twitter followers

  5. Thank you so much Larissa!

  6. Congratulations, Larissa!

  7. Well deserved, Larissa! I'm addicted!


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