There Once Was a Little Book.

There Once Was a Little Book.

There was once a little book,
Who lived in a tiny, dusty nook
Worn and showing age,
Right past the entryway of the Children's Orphanage.

Children passed by his shelf day after day
As they came home after school to play.
No one ever payed him any mind,
Him with his yellowing pages and tired bind.

He ached to be picked up, opened and read,
But the children preferred video games and movies instead.
Yet day by day he awoke full of hope and with a bright smile,
Sure that today somebody would pick him from that dreary aisle. 

He remembered not too long ago, he had been the center of attention, 
The coveted item of all children, held as the highest invention.
He wouldn't have minded sharing his children if only
One or two still loved him; if he hadn't been left all alone and so lonely. 

He waited patiently each day, for all the toys to be chosen and taken away.
Now he'd be the last one on the shelf. He'd hear steps coming his way
"Today will be my day for sure!" he'd say with a contented sigh.
Then the steps would leave just as soon as they'd come. The little book would cry.

One afternoon, our little book noticed something was not the same.
As the children gathered together for a game, 
The little book looked around at each of the girls and boys.
He noticed a different one looking down at him, no not another toy!

This boy with his green eyes and dark hair,
Picked him up and answered his prayer. 
Our little book was opened and read.
He was loved and taken up to the little boy's bed. 

The little boy laughed as he read and said, "How wonderful is this book!"
The other children heard and hurried over to have a look.
Now everyone wanted to read the little book and discover the magic he had inside. 
They laughed as they discovered the stories, and the little book smiled oh so wide. 


  1. What a wonderful post!! Books are too often left on the shelf while we choose other ways to fill our time. And then once we DO open a book, we realize what a joy it is to READ!!!!!

  2. Cute! And so true with all the electronic amusements available today. I have also noticed that kids don't play outside anymore and adults don't sit out on the porch. Everyone is in the house on facebook, netflix, or game sites! I hate to admit it but that happens at my house too! Thanks for sharing. I found you at Molly Jo's!

    1. Thanks for passing by Sylvia! I'm sad to admit it happens here as well ...

  3. I love this post! Great poem! (might have to pass the link along...!)

  4. This would make a great children's book!

    1. Thanks Ann .. who knows .. maybe someday. :)

  5. Ohh. I love this ... great post!!

    ps. I would love if you featured me on your facebook. very honored!!
    I have liked your facebook. yay!

  6. Love this! I recently had one of my nephews over and after playing with blocks and dinosaurs for a bit, he went in search of my box of kid books. We made ourselves comfy on the couch and read until my voice was worn, and then read some more. I'm the aunt who does crafts with glue and glitter and lets them watch Sponge Bob and always, always, always, stops to read when they ask.

    1. You're the awesome Aunt everyone wants. :)

  7. Love this. It makes me so happy my kids are readers. Well, once I hide their DS's that is.

    1. Haha! Sometimes a little incentive is required. ^-^

  8. What a sweet poem. I wish all my children read as much as my youngest. I can't imagine my childhood without books.

  9. Beautiful. But now I really want to know what that book had inside it's covers!!

    1. It's a Secret that can only be discovered by opening up a book and reading it all up. :)


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