Write it Down.

Earlier this week I came upon Something Charming's Write it Down and Link Up linkup party.
I thought it was beautiful idea and was excited to try it and was super happy that she had extended the challenge so that I could join .. 

The rules were simple, the goal clear. 
Goal: Show what our handwriting looks like.
Rules: Handwrite our name & signature, 
blog's name and our location,
and favorite quote/song lyrics.

so yesterday I threw something together before sunset and now I'm throwing this post together to make it just in time for the closing of the link up.

My handwriting has always been crazy crazy. My mother used to take great pains to make me practice my penmanship and when we began homeschooling with a fixed curriculum, she was delighted to find out Penmanship was included. Me? I hated it. I've always despised my handwriting, but recently I've come to accept it and even find it amusing. It does this weird thing where it starts out as print and ends up as cursive with print letters thrown in. I have about four versions of l's that pop out throughout my paragraphs and it's all quite .. crazy. But here it is, see for yourself...

(P.S. I should add I've been very grateful for the years my mother and homeschool curriculum spent emphasizing cursive; during the SAT's you have to write a small portion in cursive and while the rest of the test takers took five minutes and had to ask for certain letters to be written on the board, I was done in 30 sec. and had an extra 4 1/2 minutes to tie my stomach up in knots, then try to comfort myself in thinking that, if I was prepared even for handwriting a sentence, I could take on the rest too... The things we tell ourselves..)

Then I asked my mother to also participate .. because if you remember, she has adorable handwriting:
Thanks mommy .. :)

Write it Down


  1. I love your handwriting. It is pretty and so artistic!!!


  2. Your handwriting suits your fun, and artistic side! I belong to a Jane Austen group so your use of the book made me smile. Love the shoes too..

    1. Really? A Jane Austen group?! That sounds awesome! Thanks Winnie! :)

  3. Very cool concept. Beautiful lyrics from both of you. Does your family read the blog every day, LT?

    1. Most days my mom does.. whenever a post shows up in her newsfeed she reads it. :)

      Thank you!


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