Humor Me Friday.

Here's another Friday to celebrate another week's end. What will you be up to this weekend?

But of course. Bill Cosby had to come up with the solution.
This gave me an eye twitch. 
Always! Which is why I prefer to highlight. Meaning I draw a box around whatever it is that needs to be emphasized and then fill it in. Sometimes not even that works to get things straight.
Took me a couple of reads to understand.
This is extremely nice and all... but um.. this is the stuff my nightmares consist of. Living things .. or simply things! coming out of the toilet. 
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Enjoy your weekend! Hopefully with your mother. :) 


  1. Oh my, I would faint if a squirrel came out of my toilet. Glad the little guy was ok.. Such funnies you shared. I HATE autocorrect! They always change Re-inker to Reindeer. VERY frustrating when I forget!
    Enjoy your Mother's day tomorrow with your mom!

  2. These are great!! :) Enjoy your mother's day!

  3. OH MY !!!!!
    can that really happen?!!!

    Love Bill Cosby!

  4. I love these posts. The underlining one was the best, made me laugh out loud because I'm always frustrated with the way I don't underline things well!


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