Furs + Vests.

Just popping in for a quick Sunday Style post. Fall comes and with it school and work and busy schedules–schedules that I have to dress up for. So I'm going to try to document some of them again like I did earlier this year. I'm sure you'll see pieces from the spring incorporated into outfits for fall and winter. I'm sorry but I don't have different fall wardrobes.. I just adapt. I hope you find recycling outfits and pieces to be interesting and fun! :D

 This is what I wore to school last Thursday.
Vest + Hair Bow - Forever 21
Cable Knit Top - Abercrombie & Fitch
Jeans Skirt - Thrifted
Shoes - All-Stars
I LOVE this vest and these shoes. I tried to refrain from wearing the shoes too often while I could still wear flats, but the days are cooler now and it's sneakers weather! It's also vest weather. Puffy and warm vests because they don't have sleeves and are therefore lighter than jackets, but still so cozy! 
What are some of your favorite pieces that you get to bring out when the cooler weather arrives?


  1. Love the look you pulled together! So adorable. That bow is a great touch too!! I love the cool weather, so to pull out a sweater will be great and cozy. I am still in my brikenstocks down here, not that cool yet (lows in the mid 60s). Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. You always look so fashionable! ♥ I love the bow.

  3. I'm all for using key pieces of my wardrobe year round; just add tights and a sweater and that beloved skirt and short sleeve shirt are wearing in the fall! Love the shoes!

  4. Aiii que pezinho tão butitinho.. s2------s2


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