Power of positivity in the mind

“As I Have Loved You”

The words you speak have an immediate effect on your brain and that of your listener’s. This effect can be positive or negative, both are equally powerful.

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How to find your skin undertones

Discover Your Color Palette

Do you know what colors enhance your features and work for you? To discover your personal color palette, we must analyze the undertones of the skin, that is, what’s underneath it. So let’s get started!

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Referencias: modo de usar

Referencias: modo de usar

Today we’re talking to everyone who, like me, loves to spend time on the internet…

Cuando vemos ese estado de cosas, no podemos dejar de hacer una oración para que Dios bendiga el mundo con mujeres que sean desenvolvidas como deberían, en mente y carácter, mujeres que tengan genuina comprensión de la responsabilidad que Dios les dio.

The Signs of the Times,
March 23, 1891