January 2020: Renewal

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This month at The Girl Writes we’re tackling the theme of renewal. Every day is a fresh start; every moment can mark a new beginning, but many of us identify with the fresh start of a new year. So in every column, we will be sweeping the cobwebs, airing out the rugs and curtains, dusting off the mantels, and breathing new life into every aspect covered here.

Fashion will be giving you tips on how to refresh your closet, urging you to recommit to and reestablish your values in that area. Our Devotional writers have prepared ideas to renew your relationship with God and will walk you through establishing spiritual goals. In Relationship, we will be talking about how to renew our relationships, those that are a bit dusty, maybe a little broken and derelict. Our Health writers prepared articles about healing, renewing and refreshing our physical and mental health. In Travel, we’re discussing staycations and looking at the part of the world where you are with new eyes and the renewal that travel brings.

And of course SO MUCH MORE! We’ve lovingly poured over all the upcoming text and content, and we hope you enjoy it. If you do, don’t forget to comment and share with a friend!



TGW Editor

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