Using Fashion Inspiration Correctly

Today we’re talking to everyone who, like me, loves to spend time on the internet looking for fashion inspiration. Everyone who’s always looking for different styles and combinations and, of course, has several folders of inspiration on Pinterest, Instagram, and everywhere else. It’s nice to collect references, right? I love it! However, more than a pastime, I find it to be a useful tool to develop our style and creativity when it comes to getting dressed. So today I’d like us to take a look and analyze our fashion inspirations to transform them into something useful that will help us get the style we want and make better purchases instead of just being a beautiful collection of images that don’t make much difference in our lives.

It’s important to remember that the role of the images we collect is to provide inspiration not to foster imitation because it’s practically impossible to copy someone’s look entirely—and what fun would it be if everyone dressed the same anyway, right? Better than imitating is creating. Inspiration comes precisely to help us with this, offering ideas and new ways to see some things, such as colors, styles, and compositions. The good thing is that we wear clothes every day, so you can test these inspirations often and find your own way to use them.

Shapes – for those looking for new pieces

We often go shopping and start a search because of one specific piece of clothing. Either because we love this piece, because we want to try it in a new style, or even because we have a hard time finding this piece the way we like it. In this case, carefully observe the details that often appear in the pieces you admire. It will be difficult to find a piece exactly like the one you saw on Pinterest, but you can certainly find one with the same characteristics. For example, when looking for tops, look at the neckline design, the shape of the sleeves, the colors, whether the fabric is softer or more structured, and so on. Identify a pattern and it will be much easier to buy or even have it made later. Also try taking your search to the next level by exploring different fabrics, textures, styles, and colors, in addition to the piece itself, of course. I guarantee you will be surprised and find a lot of cool stuff to try.

Wear – for those expanding their wardrobe

The search for different ways to wear the same piece is for anyone who isn’t interested in buying new pieces, already knows what they like, and are happy with what they have, but still want to look for ways to expand their closet through creativity. It’s important to note that this objective must be clear when starting your research, not to mention that keeping an open mind helps a lot. Use your imagination before you even start your searching for inspiration. Observe what you already have and ask if there are other ways to wear them, different from the way you already do, especially pieces that you don’t frequently wear. For example, I have a belt that I love, but I find it difficult to wear, or, I am in love with a skirt that I already wear a lot, but I think that I can still wear it differently. Let’s take a look!

Colors – for those wanting to explore possibilities

For those of you who are already in the habit of thinking about new ways to wear the pieces in your closet, how about exploring colors? We’re not going to discuss color theory, which colors match and which don’t, after all, that’s a whole other conversation. We’re talking about using your fashion inspiration as a way to explore new combinations of the colors you love. Anyone who knows me knows that rosé is one of my favorite colors, but over time I got tired of the same color scheme. Has that happened to you? So I started to research new combinations and different color proportions. Just testing this already made me feel like I had a whole new wardrobe. This type of research, not focused on shape or wear, but on color changes everything, mainly because you can find inspiration in images that aren’t of clothes but of anything. For those who want to take this to a higher level, it’s always worth thinking about three-color compositions. It doesn’t have to be triadic, just three colors that make sense to you. It can be challenging, but it’s also fun and can make any outfit more interesting.

Composition – for those reaching for the next level

After trying out colors and different ways to wear the same piece, start exploring styling and composition, which is nothing more than all this information put together. This is something that requires training the eye very well because it involves identifying details. Not isolated details, but within the composition of the whole look. A cool exercise to start training your eye is to really study photos that truly inspire you. And when I talk about studying, I mean really studying! Try to understand what you like in each look you’re inspired by and analyze all the elements that compose it— number of pieces, shapes, fabrics, textures, hair, accessories, colors, basically everything. Then, of course, test, test, and test to see how you feel with those elements on you.

Training your eyes in all these aspects will allow you to find inspiration everywhere, making your wardrobe richer and more diverse. And most importantly, it will help you transform all of this information into something unique that reflects who you are, what you believe, and your perspective on everything. That’s how you will inspire others too.

Inspiration and references matter much more as tools than as a pastime, as action than contemplation. That’s how I hope you use yours. May they help you develop your style and creativity when getting dressed, and I hope you have a lot of fun doing so!

Now, how about telling me how you like to use your fashion inspiration? Leave your own favorite tip in the comments here, or which of the ones from this article you already use and which one you will start to implement. I will love to know!

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